Book 1. Anthology.jpg

The Neal Pollack Anthology of American Literature

Pollack’s 1st book of satirical essays introduced readers to The Greatest Living American Writer, contemporary of a generation of authors like Gore Vidal & Norman Mailer. A surprise indie hit, this book remains a cult favorite.

Book 2 Beneath The Axis of evil.jpg

Beneath The Axis of Evil

The Greatest Living American Writer goes to war in this book of essays satirizing the early days of the War On Terror and The Second Gulf War. Adapted from Pollack’s popular columns in Vanity Fair and The New York Press.

Book 3 Nevermind the pollacks.jpeg

Never Mind The Pollacks

An epic novelistic satire of rock history, told from the points of view of sleazy dueling music critics. Featuring many questionable song lyrics and cameos from the legends of rock and roll.

Book 4 chicago noir.jpeg

Chicago Noir

Pollack edited this early edition in Akashic Books' successful city "noir" series. Includes story from some of Chicago's top writers, and one from Pollack himself.

Book 5. Alternadad hard.jpeg


Pollack’s best-selling work, a fatherhood memoir about a grumpy hipster who refuses to grow up in the face of a new baby and family responsibilities.

Book 6 stretch.jpeg


Pollack’s 2nd memoir is about a fat, underemployed stoner who discovers yoga & gradually becomes 10% nicer. A gentle satire of the pretentious California yoga scene and a tale of unlikely spiritual awakening.

book 7 Jewball.jpg


In 2011, Pollack switched it up again and published a novel of tough-guy Jewish pride, a crime thriller set in the exciting, and very real, world of Jewish basketball in 1930’s Philadelphia. This book re-established Pollack as a fiction writer starting a streak of five novels in five years.

Book 8 downward facing death.jpeg

Downward Facing Death

Pollack introduces Matt Bolster, yoga detective, in this first of a mystery series set in L.A.’s yoga scene. When an Indian guru turns up brutally murdered, former L.A. homicide detective turned yoga teacher Bolster is called to the scene and gets drawn into a web of death.

Book 9 Open Your Heart.jpg

Open Your Heart

Matt Bolster returns and finds himself in the middle of mayhem and misery at a mountain yoga retreat.

Only Bolster can get to the bottom of this strange yoga murder cult.

Book 10 Repeat.jpg


A sweet romantic comedy about a down-on-his-luck screenwriter who finds himself trapped in an infinite time loop, repeating the first 40 years of his life over and over again.

book 11. keep mars weird.jpg

Keep Mars Weird

A space satire, set 500 years in the future, about a rapacious real-estate corporation and its plans to gentrify the Red Planet.

Book 12. Not Coming Soon To A Theater Near You.jpeg

Not Coming Soon To A Theater Near You


Could also be called: Alternadad: The Hollywood Years. After Pollack's book Alternadad got optioned by Warner Brothers Pictures, Pollack moved in L.A. to pursue his fortune. This short sequel tells the story of the disaster that followed.