Savage All Day [Jun 26, 2003]

Michael Savage's Only Official Website. Big Picnic. Genoan Sailor. Off the Kuff. Ann Slanders. Warblogger Watch. Like Father Like Sun. Bitter Obscurity. Max Sawicky. Liberal Media Conspiracy. The Daily Harrumph. Pandagon. Shared Thought.

Thanks to all who participated today. More links later. Meanwhile, a very special thanks to the young lady with an unpronounceable last name in Pittsburgh who gave generously to my tour fund. You can scroll down on your right and click Donate. If everyone who visited my site today had given $2, my band could have toured for months. Please consider a donation if you like the work we do here.

Meanwhile, it appears that Fox News is threatening an Austin-based T-shirt manufacturer for producing shirts that satirize Fox programming. The right can dish it out, but it can't take a joke. Fox may be our next target. Stay tuned. And buy your O'Reilly Youth T-shirt. I own one, and it looks great!