Savage Appropriations [Jun 26, 2003]

Today is a bad day for Michael Savage. The Supreme Court has struck down Texas' ban on consensual gay sex. It's a major victory for those of us everywhere who enjoy having sex without fear of getting arrested. It's a major loss for people, like Justice Scalia and Michael Savage, who oppose the "homosexual agenda."

I'm sure Savage is busy whipping himself in a froth at the thought of men giving each other blowjobs. But how can he miss the onslaught of websites that are appropriating his name for their own purposes? He cannot; the protest has begun. My entry in Appropriate Michael Savage's Name For Your Own Purposes Day follow this post. Meanwhile, here's a partial list of other people who believe that sad little insecure bigots shouldn't sue defenseless websites that make fun of them. Thanks to everyone who participated. More updates later.

Blah3. Haypenny. Utter Wonder. Duckwing. The Funny Farm. Savage Ass Rape. Bunsen. Angry Bear. South Knox Bubba. Rob Curran.